In2 Printing Solutions is an innovative company with a technological background dedicated to the design, development and fabrication of digital printing (both inkjet and laser) machines.

Starting in the year 2010, the company has become a worldwide reference point and the domestic leader in the industrial inkjet printing sector for the pharmaceutical industry.

IN2 Printing Solutions is a competitive alternative in the inkjet printing market due to its well stablished products and its high quality.

Our innovative technology allows us to build printing solutions for different industries such as the pharma, the food and the aeronautic sectors.


The main aim is the design, development, fabrication and commercialization of solutions for industrial digital printing.


To be the leader in the national market, and reach a large penetration in the EU market, and have a sizeable presence in the non-EU market (North Africa, America, India and China).


Innovative company, continuous improvement, involvement and commitment, agility and flexibility, rigor and professionalism.


In2 Printing Solutions is participated in its shareholding by two companies.
They follow and support our philosophy of customer orientation through good service and quality product.

Coyma, In2 Printing Solution partner

Packaging machinery representing company with a wide and well-known commercial trajectory. In addition to representing In2, Coyma shares offices and showroom with In2 in our delegation in Sant Joan Despí, in Barcelona.

Hutipre, In2 Printing Solution partner

Mechanical workshop located near In2. Specialized in machinery, Hutipre mechanizes and manages the assembly of machines and prototypes of In2 Printing Solutions.



New generation inkjet system for printing paper, aluminum,Tyvek ® and other mediacal and pharma materials. Preprinted or anonymous material are allowed.

  • CMYK- Spot colours.

  • Own design software.

  • Optional inspection system.

R2R-C. Roll to Roll Printing Machine

  • Dynamic curing system.

  • Fast and easy maintenace.

  • Optional cooling system.

BPS. Blister Printing Machine

  • 200 blister/minute.

  • Optimized feeding system.

  • Inspect and rejection.

Laser Machine

  • 150.000 units/hour.

  • Cooling system.

  • Inspect and rejection.











The inkjet technology consists of the printing through the deposition of drops of ink in a controlled fashion. It is a technology that has been with us in our everyday life for a while (i.e. home printers). In the general industry it is known for the coding and marking that has been taking place for several years. Thanks to the advancement of areas such as control electronics, printheads, and UV curable inks, inkjet has become a powerful tool that enables solutions that were deemed impossible until recently.>


What distinguished inkjet technology from conventional printing (analogue) is the ease of integration and use, and how it can be incorporated directly into fabrication lines.

This ease of integration and use, gives the possibility of working with varied materials, flexible packaging, personalizing jobs last minute, and in general have a “just in time” fabrication process. Of course, all of this reduces dramatically (or all together) the need for large stocks and immobilized goods.


The main advantage of digital printing, is that it does not require intermediate tools, nor contact between the substrate and the printhead.

All the above-mentioned points, offer competitive advantages against “traditional” printing techniques, especially in the personalization of products and short runs at fast speeds. These speeds are possible thanks to the continuous improvement of the electronics and industrial inkjet printheads.


Digital Inkjet can print on many different substrates, such as plastic, metal, glass, wood, cardboard and leather.

Industrial inkjet, has at its disposal specific treatments, before and after the drop deposition, that ensures the printing quality. The pre-treatments improve the adhesion and wettability of the substrate, and the after treatments help with the definition of the final image.


IN2 develops high performance inkjet printing systems.Saving costs, flexibility and maximum quality are provided to our customers.

  • Just in Time Production.

  • Internal production.

  • Small batches.

  • Reduced material stocks.

  • Reduced costs.

  • Productivity improvement.



Designed and built for non-expert users in the design area, our machines come with our own software easily adaptable to the ERP systems used at the end customer. Our design software incorporates a powerful ripping tool.

The flexibility of our printers allows for the reduction of the time in between the design and the production run. It also allows for the use of anonymous or pre-impressed aluminium.

IN2 has a very qualified R&D department that offers tailored made solutions to fit our customer’s needs. We adapt our machines to any material or production requirements.


Specially conceived for pharmaceutical environments, IN2 combines high tech, with robustness, while following the stringent CFR 21 Part 11 protocol.

The definition and quality of the printed materials, are well above the most demanding requirements of each sector.

IN2 offers a series of optional items such as the vision system (pattern, OCR…) or the chiller (for the UV lamp).

The presales and after sales service gives our customers a hotline for technical assistance, the guarantee of a fast reaction and continuous in-house training.


Customers do not have hidden charges, since we do not “push” maintenance contracts, or the need to buy consumables (like the ink) from us.

We suggest the best inks for each solution and give very competitive prices on them. These inks follow all the health and safety requirements for their specific application.


Headquarters, R+D & manufacturing center

Polígono Noain-Esquíroz, C/H-24
31191 Esquíroz, Navarra, Spain
+34 948 520 609

Commercial office and showroom with In2 machine

Avda. Barcelona 38, Sant Joan Despí
08970, Barcelona, Spain

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