Technical Journey AIS

by José María Martínez |May 9, 2019 | 0 Comments | Ferias y Eventos, Noticias


Our Business Development Manager, Dr. Miguel Ramon, will participate in a Technical journey with our vision partner, AIS Vision Systems. We will show the advantages of a full integration of production management in Pharma sector, from design moments  till post-printed stages.

You are invited to come and participate with the best experts of the sector.       

Find more information on this exciting event and fulfill registry at:   


Another way of doing things is possible…

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Last year, one of the world biggest pharma laboratory asked us to provide them a solution for in-line-printing.  They knew  our job with Roll to Roll machines, our background with inkjet and the way we were doing things. Not happy with previous providers they search us for something different…Listening the needs of customers and giving the right solution.

We did not had a technical solution at that moment, but they trusted on us and we started working on it.

Yesterday we installed the second in-line machine for this customer, with a lot of improvements, advanced features and some extras. A third one will be delivered on July.

Proud to listen that results were beyond requirements and performance better that competitors. 

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In2 and Asia

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In2 begins a new adventure in Asia! Now, we will be solving your questions and helping you in your printing projects at Cophex, South Korea. Feel free to ask more info at



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Recognition to In2

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Recently, Navarra´s  government gave In2 a prize for becoming an export enterprise during the last 4 years.

Recognition was made for Maderas Ansorena, IN2 Printing Solutions, Electricidad Industrial Iruña, Arriezu Vineyards, Estructuras para Energías Renovables, Wasserlab, Barbiur, Granja San Bernardo, Tecnimoem y Eggnovo and we feel really proud of sharing this prize



Our colleague Jose Antonio Gorriz was in the ceremony representing In2.

Our hard work is becoming recognized not only in Spain but along the world.

In2IL, the perfect solution for in-line printing

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We are very proud of our new product, the In2IL machine, a perfect solution for printing in-line. Compatible with main blister machines in the market and fully configurable to fit your needs.

  • Integration with ERP/MES systems (SAP & Microsoft Dynamics NAV) 
  • Production data via OPC UA available.
  • CMYK/Spot colors 

As in all our products, use our well-known In2Designer, a friendly tool to speed up your designs.