Hispack, Barcelona

Hispack Barcelona 2018

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«Very good impressions on the Hispack 2018 fair. Thanks a lot for all the hard work to In2 and Coyma! Well done guys!

Now, see you soon at Ipack-Ima in Milano!»

Blister packaging

Tjoapack announces latest investment in blistering capacity

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The new line is expected to be operational by the end of the third quarter this year (2018) and adds to the company’s facility in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands — increasing the total number of blistering lines to eight.

“At Tjoapack we’re committed to ensuring our customers continue to receive the efficient and flexible service that they’re used to, so we’re always looking for ways to further improve our operations to allow us to better cater for their projects,” said Dexter Tjoa — director of corporate strategy. “We have a strategic growth plan in place and increasing our blistering capacity will allow us to cater for increasing demand from both current and new customers.”

Additionally, this investment will also expand Tjoapack’s current postponement printing offering, enabling the CPO to offer drop-on-demand digital printing for blisters.

“Late-stage customisation, or postponement printing, is something that is presenting some interesting benefits for the pharmaceutical supply chain,” Tjoa added. “The process of only making packaging market-specific once there is a demand could be hugely beneficial in terms of reducing waste from repackaging, overall costs and time to market.

“We’ve started to explore this type of packaging with some of our customers already and as more complex molecules continue to enter the drug pipeline, demand for last-minute packaging is likely to increase. This investment will allow us to futureproof our lines for projected demands.”

Tjoapack specialises in primary packaging for solid dosage forms, secondary packaging and unit dose packaging, with a total of 19 packaging lines for blisters, wallets and bottles.

In2 Printing Solutions at CPHI

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Meet us at CPhI. Frankfurt, 24-26 October, Stand 40F64.

Come and discover our machines and solutions.



In2 Printing Solutions at Expoquimia

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In2 Printing Solutions estará presente en el encuentro internacional de la química, Expoquimia, que se celebrará del 2 al 6 de octubre en Barcelona. Visítenos en el Palacio nº2 – Stand E191 y conoce nuestras máquinas y soluciones.

IN2 Printing Solutions, un referente mundial en máquinas Inkjet para el sector farmacéutico

IN2 Printing Solutions, un referente mundial en máquinas Inkjet para el sector farmacéutico

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En solo cinco años desde su creación, esta empresa tecnológica ha logrado consolidar un producto industrial y tener como clientes a los principales fabricantes de medicamentos del mercado nacional.

En 2010, el centro tecnológico Cemitec y la sociedad de capital riesgo Start Up  Capital Navarra crearon In2 Printing Solutions, una empresa innovadora de base tecnológica dedicada al diseño, desarrollo y fabricación de soluciones de impresión digital industrial. En estos años, la compañía ha evolucionado y se ha convertido en la empresa líder en el mercado nacional de máquinas de impresión con Inkjet para el sector farmacéutico y en un claro referente a nivel mundial.

Puedes leer el artículo original en: https://www.diariodenavarra.es/noticias/negocios/dn_management/entrevistas/2016/09/08/in2_printing_solutions_referente_mundial_maquinas_inkjet_para_sector_farmaceutico_483905_2543.html